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Double Pointed pins are normally welded with an Arc or Drawn Arc Stud Welding machine. Like other weld pins, insulation is impaled over the welded pin and secured with a Self-Locking Washer. When arc welding, the pins can be welded to rough or contaminated surfaces, without preparation.

Double Pointed pins can be welded with the AGM Model PA-15 CD Welder, but only to clean surfaces*.


*metal must be at least 1/16″ thick, when CD welding

Standard Diameter, Lengths & Materials are listed – other lengths or 12 gauge available as Special Order.

Ferrules are supplied with pins for arc welding applications.

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The AGM line of insulation fasteners is the industry’s benchmark for quality and ease of use. This comprehensive product line provides a single source for the installer and comprises weld pins, cupped head pins, self-adhering and adhesive based hangers, Tactoo adhesive, drop through nails, resistance pins, lacing anchors and accessories, j hooks and a variety of self-locking washers & caps.