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Powerbase® Weld Pins


A specialty type of Capacitor Discharge (CD) pin, the Powerbase® pin can be welded through mill scale, rusted or painted surfaces, without having to grind/clean the base metal. After the pin is welded to the surface, a self-locking washer is installed to secure the insulation.


  • Available in Mild Steel with copper coating
  • Stainless Steel Type 302HQ
  • Special order Type 310 and Type 316L Stainless Steel
We do not recommend the use of Powerbase® pins on metals less than 1/16″ thick.

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The AGM line of insulation fasteners is the industry’s benchmark for quality and ease of use. This comprehensive product line provides a single source for the installer and comprises weld pins, cupped head pins, self-adhering and adhesive based hangers, Tactoo adhesive, drop through nails, resistance pins, lacing anchors and accessories, j hooks and a variety of self-locking washers & caps.