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Tactoo® Navy Annular Ring Hangers

Tactoo® Navy Annular Ring Hangers

Tactoo® Navy Annular Ring Hangers are secured with TACTOO® General Purpose Adhesive, specially formulated to bond to metal, masonry and other sound substrates. Surfaces must be clean and dry before adhesive is applied. Some protective coatings are not compatible with adhesives and it is recommended that the user make test bonds before proceeding with the application. Please see AGM Data Sheet GPA for more complete information regarding use, application, storage, etc.

A perforated hanger with a stud that has annular rings. This is normally used for insulating boats/ship hulls and is covered by a Military Spec. A special Mushroom style Drive-On cap is used with these hangers, to secure the insulation.




Tactoo® Navy Annular Ring Hangers are manufactured in Steel and Aluminum.
Available in longer lengths, as special order

Annular Ring Drive-On Caps:

Available in Aluminum only